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About Us

What is Techkriti?

Indian Institute of Technology,Kanpur,celebrated internationally as the center of academic excellence and knowledge exchange, announces the 30th edition of Asia's largest technical and entrepreneurial fest,Techkriti 24.

Attracting participants from every corner of the country as well as from abroad, comprising a total footfall of over 1.2 M from all over India and abroad.

What is TOSC?

Techkriti Open School Championship (TOSC), an annual aptitude exam crafted to inspire and challenge students from grades 6th to 12th.

TOSC is a part of Techkriti, the renowned international technical and entrepreneurial festival organized by the students of IIT Kanpur.

Students compete individually in two phases of the competition. The test covers Mental Ability, Aptitude,General knowledge and Puzzles . No previous knowledge is required to participate, the only prerequisite is enthusiasm and confidence.


Our mission is to strengthen and cultivate the talent of our nation at the grassroots level, which serves our sole motive. Through a series of events involving mental aptitude, logic, and scrutiny, it seeks to provide school students a platform to gain fundamental experience and knowledge, to exercise coordination skills, and to think out of the box while providing solutions never thought before.



Phase 1 will be conducted on 10th December.This round consists of an online exam which will consist of objective type questions on aptitude, reasoning and general awareness. Participants will participate individually in this phase. The duration of the exam will be 60 mins.

Top 100 students from each pool B and C will be invited to Phase II here in IIT Kanpur.


Phase 1 results will be announced in December. The results will be made available on the website. The e-Certificates of participation will be available on the TOSC website after the result declaration.


This phase will be conducted offline at IIT Kanpur.

It will comprise variety of puzzles and competitive activities which will not only decide the winner but also help the participants explore and enhance their cognitive and analytical skills. Also, there will be exhibitions, technical workshops and talks (Such as H.C.Verma ,William Gilbert Strang and many renowned personalities ) as a part of Phase 2.

Registration Process

  1. Students are required to participate individually.
  2. Clicking the 'Register here' button on the right would lead you to a form filling which would enable you to create an account.
  3. Signing in to that account and paying the registration fees would complete the process.
  4. Click here for the detailed instructions.

Selection Procedure

Each round consists of three pools:
Pool A: Class 6th - 8th
Pool B: Class 9th - 10th
Pool C: Class 11th -12th

  1. Top 100 participants from each Pool B and C, selected on the basis of their performance in phase 1 will be given the opportunity to compete for phase 2.
  2. Champions for Pool A will be declared on the basis of phase 1 only.


Aryan A. Barsaniyan - TOSC Topper (Pool A)

Anand Krishna - TOSC Topper (Pool B)

School Representative, TOSC’23, IIT Kanpur

Golden opportunity to witness the grandeur of Techkriti in one of the most renowned and prestigious institutions of the country, IIT Kanpur. Share firsthand experiences, provide personalized guidance, and motivate peers to engage with the competition. Form a valuable network with thousands of brilliant like-minded students from all across the country by being a School Representative of TOSC, Techkriti, IIT Kanpur.


Opportunity for School Competitions

Opportunity to organize National Level Competitions in your school.

Introduction to TOSC

Informing your School's Coordinator or Principal about Techkriti Open School Championship (TOSC) and requesting them to share it with the students.

Information Sharing with Students

Sharing TOSC related information with school students and letting them know about the benefits.

Student Outreach Initiatives

Reaching as many students as you can.


  • Certificate of appreciation from TOSC, Techkriti’24, IIT Kanpur.
  • Top representatives will get a chance to visit the IIT Kanpur Campus during TOSC’23.
  • Top representatives will be awarded with various Goodies, Vouchers and Subscriptions.
  • Develop your management abilities and network with students.
  • Career Counseling session.
  • Lucky winners can get a chance to visit ARIES Nainital.
  • Excellent platform to sharpen your Communication and Technical skills


TOSC’22 brought together a huge number of participants from all over the nation in the hopes of learning something new.
A plethora of prizes and accolades were presented to the winning participants and teams.
Prizes upto 5 Lac, including Tablets, Speakers, Smart Watches, and many more goodies.
  • Opportunity to visit ISRO and ARIES
  • Participation certificates for all participants.
  • Winner from each pools will get Gold and Silver certificates.
  • Merit certificates for city wise toppers and all top 100 from each pool.
  • The school with maximum participants will be presented the Best School Award.
  • Top 50 from each pool will get online subscriptions, gift vouchers and exciting goodies.


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It is preferable to have a PC to attempt the test. Otherwise you can also use smartphone for the test.

TOSC is an exam filled with fascinating and intriguing questions that test your logical reasoning,General awareness and thinking skills. If you think your analytical abilities are sharp and clear, then just sit for the exam with a pen and a Fresh Mind!! You can also attempt previous TOSC papers here.

No previous knowledge is required to participate, the only prerequisite is enthusiasm and confidence.

Yes. Every student pursuing school (class 6th-12th) can enroll for TOSC.

Check out this link for a complete process on registration or you can register from the Techkriti app also.

If you have paid the registration fee, then you will receive your admit card a few days before the exam.

Your progress will be saved automatically from time to time and you will be able to resume from where you have left.

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